pilates station

We’ll challenge your coordination level, your strength, your balance and your body awareness. The pace will increase and exercises will start to flow more. Whatever your motivation, we will support you every step of the way to your goal!


6 Months


Special only 5 days








Group Classes

-Reformer Foundation / Beginner -Reformer Many Levels  as open / Jumpboard / Intermediate  and Advance -Mat -BodyBarre -YogaFly Levels as Beginner and Open -Stretching small group exercise only 10 – 12 students  per class. We provide locker room , changing room , shower room full facilities.


Founded by Master Patricia Duchaussoy, a former dancer with 30 years experience and one of Asia’s best Pilates Instructors. She opened Bangkok’s first professional Pilates Studio in 2004 and helps people to change their bodies since over 20 years.

Private (1:1)

In your first private session, the instructor will make an analysis of your posture to find eventual imbalances in your body and localise the muscles that need to be trained most. After that will tailor a series of exercises to fit your exact need and in accordance with you, set a training goal. All information is noted into a log file, so in case you change the instructor, the new one will instantly know what your training program is. In a private session, the instructor will use any of the pilates equipments available to reach your training goal. (Cadillac/ Ladder barrel/ Reformer/ Chair)

Package validity policy

Start Date : Package will activate on the first day you join the class with in 30 days after purchased. Extension : exten the validity for 1 month with 2,000 THB fee. NO REFUND / NO RETURN / NO EXCHANGE Customer Service : Email to [email protected]