What are Trampo Classes?

Trampo is a fun class perfect for your heart and stamina.

The class is conducted on a rebounder-trampoline. These special trampolines are with bungee cords in order to have minimal impact on the joints while jumping.

Part of the class is cardio exercise, the other part is muscle training and stretching.

An actual study has shown that exercising on a trampoline has double the impact to improve your aerobic fitness and is 50% more efficient then jogging! With Trempo, you will burn more body fat and loose weight faster.
And at the same time, it gives you a happy feeling.

What do Trampo Classes cost?

  • If you like to book for Trampo Classes only and you do not want to train on the Reformer Machine, you can pick a package that is referred to as “Silver Package”. Sliver Packages enable you to enjoy any of our floor group classes (Matwork, BodyFly, Trampo, Barre, Yoga).
  • If you like to book for Pilates Matwork but also for Reformer Classes, you can pick a package that is referred to as “Gold Package”. Gold Packages give you the freedom to enjoy any of the classes we offer at the Studio including Reformer, Matwork, BodyFly, Trampo, Barre, Yoga.
  • Periodically we offer special prices and promotions that are well worth considering.

Your Instructors

   Songsak Sirijantaradat

                       (Kru Hi)

Siree Vongruen

(Kru Fai)