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All Levels, Small Group, Special individual attention and care on your alignment


Discovery 1-5 Classe: Learn the important principles and play with aerial yoga steps with the help of the hammock FEW FLY POSES


Initiation 6 – 15 CLASSES: Continue to assimilate the principles – still play with aerial yoga steps .. MANY MORE FLY POSES and get ready to y more

White Wings 16 – 30 CLASSES:  Welcome to this strong class where dance meets aerial .. You spend more time on the hammock, the pace is faster – Learn choreography to enjoy dancing on the hammock

Open Fly: Multi-level … Pre-requisite: 5 basic classes Discovery/initiation)

Yellow Wings 30 + CLASSES: The strong level

Foundation A MUST for the complete beginners to learn how to set up the reformer machine but also to be familiar with the Pilates principles such as the breathing technique, pelvic and ribcage placement, scapular stabilization and head and cervical placement. We recommend to join this Pre-Class at least 3 times


Beginner  Your rst step to the reformer class to build up body awareness (and prepare you to the next level)

Open The instructor will give modications and variations to weaker and stronger students – this level is between beginner and intermediate depending on the level of the group class – 10 beginner level classes is a prerequisite to join open or intermediate level classes

Intermediate This is the class to join when you have understood the basic principles but also when you improved your balance, edibility, awareness, strength and endurance. A minimum of 10 beginner level classes is a MUST before to join this level. (If you are not sure to be ready for this class, ask the teacher if you are eligible to join this level)

Open Level (lots of focus on abdominal and legs – A cardio Pilates approach)





Aerial Fly (Use Hammock) (Promote edibility and strength)
Pilates on a machine. The safest and most efficient core strength! Full body integration work (legs,arms and torso)
Pilates on a reformer with a jumpboard. Lots of focus on abs&legs – A cardio Pilates approach to promote weight loss
Pilates on a mat, using props but no machine – Also full body integration work but with more focus on the torso
A fusion of Pilates and Dance with the foundation of Ballet – Graceful Movement – Good for the buttlocks and legs
Yoga Vinyasa open level
Trampoline Cardio Jumping Class (Promote weight loss) – A cardiovascular training to improve the lymphatic system – For the beginners we strongly advise to wear “In Door” tness shoes

NOTE: – We strongly advise our clients to respect the prerequisite of levels and follow our guidelines for a better and faster

improvement. – Please be aware that as a beginner you may interfere the ow of a class as you are not experienced to use the reformer in a fast and proper manner and therefore disturb the exercise routine of the other students.



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