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“I had recently given birth to my second child and wanted to trim those areas that invariably expand. I had heard that Pilates was a good way of getting back into shape and came across Patricia’s studio by chance. I am very happy with the workouts – the exercises target just the right areas – and after only about three classes, I started to feel a difference. Patricia is an experienced, knowledgeable and caring teacher. Her class routines are varied and her use of different equipment makes it interesting and effective. Patricia is able to focus on individual students’ techniques through keeping class numbers limited. Her private studio is welcoming, intimate and has a lovely garden outlook – complete with roaming rabbits! Where else could you find such a setting in the centre of Bangkok?” Anh N. “Patricia’s Pilates classes were a real discovery for me. The classes take place in a relaxing atmosphere, but Patricia really accompanies us and pushes us to do the exercises seriously -accepting our difficulties if any- stimulating us to work our powerhouse muscles and others in rhythm. Every time the lessons are different, so we never get bored. Thanks Patricia!” Claudia.L “Since attending the Pilates&Dance Studio, I have made so much progress! My back pain is now minimal thanks to Patricia. By attending just twice a week, I have become stronger and have more energy. I have never done such an amazing form of exercise and even if I started at the Pilates&Dance Studio because of pain, I now have a completely different shaped body as well! Thanks, Pilates&dance Studio!” Lisa W. “I have been attending Patricia’s Pilates classes 2 years before she opened her studio. Pilates has made an amazing difference to my life, in that I am much stronger and more flexible than I was before I started. Patricia’s classes are both relaxing and energizing and she is an inspirational teacher who tailors the exercises to the needs of each individual. We are a happy group who really look forward to our weekly sessions.” Also, the atmosphere is really great!” Angela U. “I was looking for a non-impact form of exercise that would challenge me. I heard about Pilates and decided to give it a go. That was two years ago and I’m still enjoying it and still being challenged. Patricia is an excellent instructor who explains each exercise clearly. One of the most beneficial aspects of a class run by Patricia is that she always makes sure you are doing the exercise correctly and at a level appropriate to your abilities – no slacking off. I’ve tried other Pilates classes but have not felt challenged or properly coached in correct technique. Since I started I have noticed an increase in core and upper body strength, as well as improved flexibility and general toning.” Catherine V. “Having been recommended to do Pilates by a physiotherapist following a back problem I now have even more strength and flexibility than I ever had in my youth – I’m still not that old though !!!!! I would recommend Patricia’s Pilates class to anyone.” Carol T. “With pleasure… Great class, great company, great music, great Teacher and of course… GREAT PILATES.” Michelle G. “Pilates with Patricia is great, giving rewarding results on the body and posture. Held within an intimate and serene atmosphere of her Pilates Station.” Shamsa V. “I noticed a change in my body after a few weeks …… I feel energized, more graceful and relaxed!” Corine P.  

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