YogaFly Teacher training


Why to become a certified YogaFly Instructor?

YogaFly is a contemporary approach to aerial fitness, created by Patricia Duchaussoy, former professional ballet and modern dancer, master pilates instructor and yoga practitioner and passionate aerialist with over 30 years of professional experience in body movement.

YogaFly is a fresh and fun new way of exercising, bringing the benefits of various methods together in a unique approach, making challenging exercises available for practitioners on any level.
YogaFly is the Asian answer to the high demand on aerial Yoga worldwide. After a development phase of 2 years, YogaFly was exposed to the public in 2011 at Bangkok, Thailand. In this short period of time, YogaFly has become famous to the extent that almost all Thai TV channels and highly recognized magazines have reported about it. It has even been recognized by the princess of the royal family of Thailand, who has sent for her staff to become certified YogaFly instructors and opened herself two YogaFly studios in Thailand.

Where can I attend a YogaFly certification course?

Our main YogaFly training center is in Bangkok, Thailand. You can also attend a hosted training all around the world. Please refer to www. yogafly.asia for an updated schedule of instructor trainings.

How long does it take to become a certified YogaFly Instructor?

First you will attend the YogaFly basic 1 training, which consists of 24 training hours. Once you have completed this, you will observe 10 hours of classes and instruct 20 hours of practice classes at a licensed YogaFly facility.

What does the course cover?

Health and safety, injury Prevention
, Warm up and cool down techniques
, Swing health and safety, 
Choreography and sequencing, 
Yoga postures
, Strength training
, Acrobatics and 

What does the YogaFly certification enable me to do?

Once you passed your YogaFly certification, you are allowed to teach in a private (non-commercial) space or in a Yoga-Fly licensed facility only. Licensing a facility for YogaFly has numerous advantages such as ensuring the quality and safety of this method. Consider finding a space that may want to license the program before you take the training.

What kind of educational material is there?

There is a manual that covers all important aspects about yogaFly.

What are the prerequisites to become a Certified Yoga-Fly Instructor?

The first prerequisite to be a YogaFly Instructor is to be passionate about body movement. However, YogaFly is a challenging method to teach and there is  an extensive portion of moves, vocal cueing and didactics to learn, requiring willingness to study. To be accepted for the certification course one needs to prove having previous experience as Yoga or Pilates instructor or any kind of teaching body movement in a group environment. Get into contact with our Certification Center in Bangkok if you are unsure if you can meet the requirements.

How long is the YogaFly Instructor Certification valid for?

The YogaFly Instructor Certificate is valid for 1 year. In order to assure quality, we require all students to attend continuing education of 6 hours per year with a certified YogaFly Master Instructor.

Will I have to complete a test to gain the certification?

Yes, there will be theoretical and practical testing. The testing takes place during 2 hours at a qualified YogaFly center. After the certification course, you will have to observe 2h of class and conduct 15 hours of practice classes at a licensed YogaFly facility.

What’s the difference between YogaFly and other aerial fitness methods?

Other than most aerial fitness methods, YogaFly has been created by Patricia Duchaussoy who has been professionally involved into performing and teaching body movement for all her life and has extensive professional experience in classical and contemporary dance, pilates, yoga, rehabilitation, acrobatics and aerial dance. YogaFly therefore does not only focus on yoga exercises, but combines all those methods to a versatile, most effective workout, with a high focus and commitment on proper alignment, preventing common injuries that can occur with most other aerial fitness methods.

Thanks to this combined approach, YogaFly has a wide repertoire of exercises and can be adjusted to clients needs, also in a long time perspective.