INTERNATIONAL Teacher Training

Education Program by SanaMotion Swiss Institute

At Pilates Station we are proudly hosting  the International Training Courses provided by Sana Motion Swiss Institute.

The educational program of SanaMotion is known for its outstanding quality trainings and state-of-the-art curriculum.

All training courses focus on a personalised and human-centric approach in order for students to have a great learning experience and make quick progress. 

The BodyFly Academy

Aerial Yoga Training Program

Learn from the founders of BodyFly !

The teaching method of BodyFly (aka Yoga Fly) was created in 2009 by Patricia Duchaussoy at the Pilates Station in Bangkok. Nowadays, the BodyFly curriculum and terminology are the common standards in most of aerial yoga studios.

Great for Yoga / Dance / Fitness Teachers !

BodyFly Fly enriches your life with a fresh and fun movement practice.

Best Practice for Aerial Teachers !

Learning the BodyFly Method increases not only your movement skills, but also your understanding about Anatomy, Biomechanics and how to actually TEACH.

Be Real - Be Professional !

A BodyFly Certification proves that you have learned with one of the world’s leading schools on international education standards.

ALL Heart Factor !

Master Patricia has put in all her HEART and expertise when she created the BodyFly Method . BodyFly Teachers carry this quality forward!

The Swiss Pilates Institute

Classical Pilates Training Program

Learn with one of the best !

Patricia Duchaussoy, Educational Head of the Institute is a 2nd Generation Pilates Master who has learned from Romana Kryzanowska and Alan Herdman. Profit from  the abundant knowledge from over 3 decades of experience.

Great for Yoga / Dance / Fitness Teachers !

Pilates Training based on SanaMotion’s principles simply brings professional completion to your profile. Hands down!

Become a Full Body Expert !

Pilates is todays most powerful tool to understand how the Body really works and how to BEST help your students to improve.

Be Real - Be Professional !

Achieving Swiss Pilates Certification showes you are a professionally trained Pilates Instructor with accredited curriculum based on modern, international education standards.

ALL Heart Factor !

In our courses, we teach and help our students from all our HEART and expertise. Swiss Pilates Teachers carry this quality forward!

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