Yoga Fly

@ Pilates Station Bangkok

The FIRST & REAL  Yoga Fly in the World!

Yoga Fly has been invented and founded by Patricia Duchaussoy in 2009 at the Pilates Station Bangkok, Thailand.

Yoga Fly is a dance inspired approach to aerial yoga. It is combining the benefits of the world’s finest methods such as traditional Yoga, Pilates, Dance and Aerial Acrobatics.

It is a workout that integrates and profoundly mobilizes full body and mind in a holistic way. By practicing Yoga Fly, you empower yourself to maintain your physical fitness while balancing your mind.

Yoga Fly puts high focus and commitment on proper alignment, preventing common injuries that can occur with most other aerial fitness methods.

After the creation by Patricia Duchaussoy in 2009, Yoga Fly has become famous and widely recognized in very short time. All major TV channels and mainstreaming magazines in Thailand have reported about Yoga Fly by Patricia Duchaussoy. All Studios in Thailand providing Yoga Fly classes nowadays have been trained and educated at the Pilates Station. Among them Yoga & Me, Sukho Yoga, The Pilates Bangkok and many others

Since Yoga Fly has been launched first time at the Pilates Station in 2009, many people around the world have picked up to practice aerial fitness. In this growing environment, the Yoga Fly method has been reorganized into the Body Fly International Academy. An organisation, which provides a legal and educational framework, that is fundamental to the coherent development and the serious recognition of this activity worldwide with its headquarter at the Pilates Station in Bangkok. Body Fly is setting the most advanced standards for instructors and facilities in terms of professionalism and safe conduct of aerial classes.

All Body Fly Instructors at the Pilates Station are trained in compliance with these high standards.