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Bring your Personal Career to the next Level !

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Professional BFIA Yoga Fly Training

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BFIA Yoga Fly Instructor… What?


Great for Yoga / Dance / Fitness Teachers !

BFIA Yoga Fly brings your practice to the next level

Learn Best Practice for teaching Body Movement !

Increase your knowledge & understanding about Anatomy, Biomechanics and how to teach Body Movement

What does “BFIA” mean ?

BFIA is a professional, international training standard accredited by the Body Fly International Academy

Be Real - Be Professional !

BFIA Yoga Fly training is the only aerial Yoga training in the world with a professional, accredited education curriculum

Learn the ORIGINAL Yoga Fly !

Yoga Fly was created in 2009 by Patricia Duchaussoy at the Pilates Station. That’s where you will train!

Be on top of the Trend !

BFIA Yoga Fly has become very popular in Yoga & Fitness and will continue to grow worldwide

Make yourself an expert !

Attaining BFIA Yoga Fly Certification will proof to your students that you have learned with the world’s leading school on international standard

Get more opportunities !

Being a certified BFIA Yoga Fly Instructor has proven to make you more attractive for studios to hire you and more credible for your students.

All Heart Factor !

Master Patricia has put in all her HEART and expertise when she created the BFIA Yoga Fly Method . BFIA Yoga Fly Teachers carry this quality forward!

SPI Pilates Instructor…  What?


Great for Yoga / Dance / Fitness Teachers !

SPI Pilates Training simply brings professional completion to your profile

Become a Full Body Expert !

Pilates is todays most powerful tool to understand how the Body really works and how to BEST help your students to improve.

What does "SPI" mean?

SPI is a professional, international training standard accredited by the Swiss Pilates Institute

Be Real - Be Professional !

SPI professional Pilates training is a professional, accredited curriculum based on modern, international education standards.

Skyrocket your Fitness Carreer !

To be Professional Pilates Instructor is THE FACTOR for your career in 2016.

Learn with one of Asia's best Trainers !

Our Teacher, Master Patricia is the only trainer in Thailand with more than 30 years experience in Body Movement. And she is the only Instructor in Asia who has learned Pilates from a 2nd Generation Pilates Master (Alan Herdman). Master Patricia is certified through Classical Pilates as well as Contemporary Pilates Method.

More Opportunities !

Being a certified SPI Pilates Instructor has proven to make you very attractive for any Fitness Club or Studio to hire you and more credible for your students.

All Heart Factor !

At our school, we teach and help our students from all our HEART and expertise. SPI Pilates Teachers carry this quality forward!

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Yoga Fly Training Course

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