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Led by Patricia Duchaussoy, a pioneer in Pilates and wellness, the Swiss Pilates Institute has been at the forefront of International Pilates Trainings for over a decade, merging classical techniques with innovative approaches in mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and leadership.


Quality & Innovation

Our courses, inspired by Patricia’s 20+ years of real-world experience, go beyond traditional Pilates, incorporating modern wellness insights and practical expertise.


Expert Guidance

Learn from the best. Our trainers, guided by Patricia’s visionary approach, bring diverse skills in body movement, enriching your learning journey.


Join Our Visionary Community

Step into a community that’s redefining Pilates under Patricia’s leadership. Start your journey to becoming a comprehensive wellness guide today.


Professional Success

Focused on impactful teaching, our alumni have achieved remarkable success, from studio ownership to becoming influential Pilates figures.


Personalized & Holistic Training

Experience our retreat-like training that nurtures mind and body. Small class sizes ensure personalized attention, fostering a transformative learning environment.


Leadership & Wellness

We champion a holistic approach, emphasizing mindfulness and emotional intelligence, shaping you into a leader in the Pilates and wellness community.

Pilates stands out as a profoundly impactful discipline for enhancing fitness and well-being. It’s much more than a workout routine; it’s a pathway to feeling revitalized and harmonious in your body.

Beyond its fitness benefits, Pilates serves as an effective therapeutic approach. It’s particularly beneficial for those looking to recover from postural imbalances or rehabilitate after injuries. Its gentle yet powerful techniques make it a preferred choice for holistic physical improvement.

Becoming a Pilates teacher offers a fulfilling opportunity to transform lives. It’s not just about guiding exercises; it’s about imparting a philosophy of balance, strength, and inner wellness. As a teacher, you:

  • Empower Others: Help people achieve their fitness goals, overcome physical challenges, and enhance their overall quality of life.
  • Enjoy a Rewarding Career: Pilates teachers are in high demand. This career offers flexibility, personal growth, and the satisfaction of making a positive impact.
  • Become Part of a Community: Join a global network of professionals dedicated to health and wellness, and contribute to the spreading awareness of Pilates’ benefits.
  • Continuous Learning and Growth: As a Pilates teacher, you are constantly evolving, learning new techniques, and deepening your understanding of body mechanics and wellness.

The Swiss Pilates Training is designed for a wide array of individuals, offering a professional edge to various profiles. Whether you’re deepening existing skills or embarking on a new career path, our training is tailored to meet your needs:

  • Pilates Practitioners: Elevate your understanding and technique to a professional level.
  • Yoga Practitioners: Complement your yoga practice with Pilates’ unique focus on core strength and alignment.
  • Personal Trainers: Enhance your training repertoire with Pilates’ proven methods for body conditioning and rehabilitation.
  • Dancers: Gain deeper control and precision in movement, essential for every dance style.
  • Fitness Instructors: Broaden your skill set and offer more varied workouts to your clients.
  • Physiotherapists: Integrate Pilates into your therapeutic practices for improved patient outcomes.
  • Career Changers: Seeking a fulfilling new path? Pilates instruction offers a rewarding and health-focused career.
  • Body Movement Enthusiasts: Anyone with a passion for movement can find both personal and professional growth in our training.

No matter your background, Swiss Pilates Training opens the door to a world of opportunity in body movement and wellness.

At the Swiss Pilates Institute, we believe that exceptional Pilates training is foundational for any career in physical fitness. Our focus extends beyond just teaching exercises; we delve into the essence of the Pilates method, blending practical experience, personal exploration, and comprehensive theory.

Deep Understanding, Not Just Learning:
We stand out as one of the few schools that prioritize a deep understanding of the “what, how, and why” behind teaching Pilates. Our approach ensures you gain not only the skills but also the didactics and integral knowledge to excel as an instructor.

Beyond Typical Training:
Our curriculum is designed to transform you into a well-rounded professional, equipped with both practical techniques and a profound grasp of Pilates philosophy. This holistic education sets you apart in the fitness industry.

Professional Growth & Recognition:
With the rising popularity of Pilates, a certification from the Swiss Pilates Institute significantly boosts your professional credibility. As a certified SPI Pilates Instructor, you become a sought-after professional, appealing to both students and fitness clubs or studios looking for high-quality instructors.

Join a Legacy of Excellence:
Choosing the Swiss Pilates Institute means joining a legacy of excellence in Pilates instruction. Our graduates are not just instructors; they are ambassadors of a deeper, more authentic understanding of Pilates and its transformative potential.

Internationally Recognized Certification:
Upon successful completion of each training program at the Swiss Pilates Institute, you’ll receive a certificate that is recognized internationally. This certification is a testament to your dedication and proficiency in Pilates, aligned with global standards of excellence.

Proof of Professional Training:
Each certificate from our institute is a mark of professional Pilates education, signifying that you have undergone a comprehensive training program. This includes in-depth in-class education, extensive practice-teaching hours, and successful completion of a rigorous, internationally standardized examination process.

Global Acceptance & Credibility:
Your certification from the Swiss Pilates Institute is not just a document; it’s a proof of your expertise and commitment to the highest standards of Pilates instruction. It assures potential employers worldwide of your proficiency and dedication to Pilates, showcasing your ability to deliver high-quality, effective Pilates instruction.

Setting a Global Standard:
Our certification is designed to ensure that you stand out in the global fitness and wellness community. It signifies that you’ve been trained under a curriculum that meets and often exceeds international standards, preparing you to excel in any professional Pilates setting around the world.

The Swiss Pilates Certification Program

Our training programs progress from the foundational ‘Swiss Pilates Studio Instructor Certificate’ to the advanced ‘Swiss Pilates Therapy Certificate’, encompassing comprehensive Pilates and specialized therapy modules.

Learn ALL the Pilates essentialson ALL Equipment to teach independently in a
studio setting.
Learn how to apply Pilates as a way of
rehab and to create a better outcome
for your students.

Mentored Online Training


Matwork & Reformer


Online Course Date:
every Saturday on Zoom
18.05 – 13.07.2024



Matwork L1&2
Reformer L1&2

Each module can also be booked individually.

Studio Instructor Certification Program

in Bangkok, Thailand


Full Course Date:
02.11 – 27.11.2024



Matwork L1&2
Reformer L1&2
Barrels & Chair L1&2
Cadillac L1&2

Each module can also be booked individually.

Upcoming Training in other Countries

Burgundy, France

Studio Instructor Certification program

Full Course Date:
27.07 – 20.08.2024



Matwork L1&2
Reformer L1&2
Barrels & Chair L1&2
Cadillac L1&2

Each module can also be booked individually.

Hong Kong

Matwork & Reformer

Course Date:
19.10 – 28.10.2024


Matwork L1&2
Reformer L1&2

Each module can also be booked individually.

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