What is Pilates Matwork?

Pilates Matwork is a series of exercises that are done on a mat on the floor.
In Matwork, your body provides the resistance, working against gravity to build strength and develop flexibility.  The attention of the exercises go towards the core muscles and all workout routine is executed in a flow. This is strengthening the muscles of the hips, back, abdominals, and glutes or what is known in Pilates as the powerhouse.

Quite often we add some props to the exercises on the mat such as the flex band, swissball or weight balls. As we cannot reduce the strength of gravity, floor exercises can become quite challenging for the core!

The blend of strength and flexibility training improves posture, reduces stress and creates long, lean muscles without bulking up and by practicing that regularly will get your core very fit.

For who is Pilates Matwork?

Pilates Matwork is for anyone who wants to improve/maintain their current strength and flexibility, athletic performance and recover from an injury or prevent them. Exercises performed in our group mat classes are designed for general population and are great for increasing flexibility and core strength.

What are the Benefits of Pilates Matwork?

You will notice:

  • Improved function of the trunk stabilizing muscles
  • Improved posture, co-ordination, body awareness and flexibility
  • Correction of faulty mechanics that underlie recurring sporting and spinal injuries

Leading to:

  • Reduced pain levels and injury recurrence
  • Improved ability to perform work/sporting/social activities
  • With different classes catering for beginner, Intermediate and advanced levels we have a class to suit you.


What do Pilates Matwork Classes cost?

  • If you like to book for Pilates Matwork Classes only and you do not want to train on the Reformer, you can pick a package that is referred to as “Silver Package”. Sliver Packages enable you to enjoy any of our floor group classes (Matwork, BodyFly, Trampo, Barre, Yoga).
  • If you like to book for Pilates Matwork but also for Reformer Classes, you can pick a package that is referred to as “Gold Package”. Gold Packages give you the freedom to enjoy any of the classes we offer at the Studio including Reformer, Matwork, BodyFly, Trampo, Barre, Yoga.
  • Periodically we offer special prices and promotions that are well worth considering.
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Your Instructors

Surang Sengsamran

(Kru Yok)

   Songsak Sirijantaradat

                       (Kru Hi)

Siree Vongruen

(Kru Fai)

Raelene Von Bueren

(Kru Rai)

Gorrawat Kanchitchai

(Kru Gon)

Peerida Thanvarachorn

(Kru Prae)

Kru Fern

Ludovica Ungaretti

(Kru Ludovica)