Private Sessions

Why should I book a Private Session?

Private Sessions are simply the best way to learn and experience Pilates.

Who should book Private Sessions?

  • If you have never done Pilates on a Machine before, you should start with 3 Private Sessions in order to learn the important basics of the method such as breathing technique and setup of the Reformer Machines. This is a great introduction for you to get to know more about your body and what you should focus on and it will will help you to reap all the benefits of Pilates.
  • If you have back or neck pain, office syndrome, body-imbalances, injuries, poor posture or you come through a doctors subscription, you should book one of our Pilates Experts to be sure you will get a highly individualised workout that suits your specific condition. All our Instructors are certified instructors and are constantly updating their skills and knowledge through inhouse training provided by SanaMotion Swiss Institute.
  • If you want to profit from a highly individualised exercise approach and you enjoy the benefit of the instructors personal attention, Private Sessions are the best way to bring you closer to your fitness goals.

How does a Private Session look like?

For one hour an instructor is reserving time for you only, taking care of your individual needs.
In your first private session, the instructor will make an analysis of your posture to find eventual imbalances in your body and localise the muscles that need to be trained most. After that, he will tailor a series of exercises to fit your exact need and in accordance with you, set a training goal. All information is noted into a log file, so in case you change the instructor, the new one will instantly know what your training program is.

In a private session, the instructor will use any of the pilates equipments available to reach your training goal.

How much do Private Sessions cost?

You can choose from a variety of different packages that include Private Sessions.
We want to help you exercise on a regular basis, therefore, the more you exercise the less it costs you.
We regularly have special inhouse promotions that might be worth to check out.