60 Group Classes




This package gives you access to any of the Group Classes held at the Pilates Station.

Package Content:

  • Number of Classes: 60 Group
  • Validity: 6 Month
  • Instructor: Any Instructor
  • Package Type: Regular discounted

Package Conditions & Policy:

  • Refunds: Package is not refundable nor transferable
  • Start Date: A regular package starts at the date of first visit or maximum 2 month after the payment.
  • Extension options: Regular package can be easy-extended for 1 Month by paying extra 1,000 THB.
    (Max. 1 month per package)
  • Sickness / Hospitalization: Regular package can be frozen for the length of sickness or hospitalization as per presented doctor certificate.
  • Traveling: Regular package can be frozen for the length of travel by presenting flight tickets. Maximum 20 days per package.
  • Buy new package: Regular package can be extended for 1 Month in case customer chooses to re-buy a regular package. (Not valid for promotions)