“If you say No = you lose out from not yet started.”

Siree Vongruen (Kru Fai)

Pilates Instructor & Yoga Fly Instructor


My friends are Ballet Dancer and I saw them perform in Hammock very beautiful that inspired me walk in this world.

I was a Hip-Hop dancer and I taught dance before that make me fall in love with a flowing fly. I love to exercise : every exercise such as dancing, swimming, badminton and yoga that’s why I love my job so much because I come to exercise every day. I became to instructor because my friends introduced me to Patricia Duchaussoy and she gave me a chance to yoga fly instructor and 1 year after she left me try Pilates and I love it very much. I love my job that I love to see people (my student) improved themselves in everywhere. Why Pilates Station? because I love atmosphere and I love all team we work together especially I love my student very much they are not just students but they are like my friends. I like Pilates method which Pilates is more body and mind stability over mobility. I love to feel where or what the muscle I use when I exercised.