Follow your dream, and make the best and fullest out of it.

Praparnrat Charoentham (Kru Pong)

Pilates Instructor & Yoga Fly Instructor


I get inspired to do Pilates/Yoga Fly that had health benefits include improved flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, particularly of abdominal muscle, balanced muscular strength in both side of body and enhanced muscular control of back and limbs.

Previously working in hospital and I was yoga teacher and aerobics. I like reading a book, listening to music and meeting friends and socialize. I become a Pilates/Yoga Fly instructor as to further my career in a wide and develop knowledge in order to guide students to better treatment. My job makes me healthy and helps students healthy too. Especially make better posture and alignment. I like about Pilates Station as this place is not busy like small group of students. It’s better that teacher can take care all. Pilates method gave benefit as strengthening the core muscles that can use the device to control the core muscles. I like Yoga Fly method because make core muscles strength and that have a variety of fun. Yoga Fly method gave benefit as strengthening the core muscles, which can be used as a fabric that strengthens core muscles.