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Feel Good. Beautiful. Strong. Flexible.

Pilates Station – high quality, fully equipped studio.
Founded by Master Patricia Duchaussoy, a former dancer with 30 years experience and one of Asia’s best Pilates Instructors. She opened Bangkok’s first
professional Pilates Studio in 2004 and helps people to change their bodies since over 20 years.
The Original place where Yoga Fly was created in 2009.International Academy  Here, Instructors from all over the world get trained and certificated in Pilates and Yoga Fly.

Pilates on a machine. The safest and most efficient core strength! Full body integration work (legs,arms torso) 
Pilates is the safest and most efficient exercise method in today’s fitness world, which emphasises the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness in order to support efficient, graceful movement. It is suitable for everybody, even for people who need rehabilitation after injuries.Pilates was developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates.


Pilates on a mat, using props but no machine – Also full body integration work but with more focus on the torso



Pilates on a reformer with a jumpboard. Lots of focus on abs&legs – A cardio Pilates approach to promote weight loss


untitled-1-copyYOGA FLY

Aerial Fly (Use Hammock) (Promote flexibility and strength)


Body BarreBody Barre

A fusion of Pilates and Dance with the foundation of Ballet-Graceful Movement-Good for the buttocks and legs


Yoga Vinyasa open level


Trampoline Cardio Jumping Classes (Promote weight loss) – A cardiovascular training to improve the lymphatic system – For the beginners we strongly advise to wear “IN Door” Fitness shoes


We believe that our body earns to be treated with the best and safest method and the highest qualified people.
Pilates will help you to look better, feel better and move better.


PS – A New Body


Best Price Of The Year  Yoga Fly 70% Off 1,999   999 BAHT

Best Price Of The Year  Yoga Fly 70% Off 1,999   999 BAHT

Best Price Of The Year  Yoga Fly 70% Off 1,999   999 BAHT