SPI Cadillac

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Traditionally, this 6 feet tall piece of equipment was developed by Joseph Pilates (the Creator of the Pilates Method) from hospital beds where the mattress of these beds were attached to the wall with springs. The Cadillac was used to facilitate bedridden patients to perform various exercises and stretches and it symbolizes the tie between workout and rehabilitation.

  • Table Length: 236cm
  • Table Height: 62cm
  • Table Width: 66cm (incl. knobs on the side 88cm)
  • Full Height (from the floor to top): 215cm
  • The Roofing is made from steel for strength and a tight structure to withstand weight for advanced Pilates positions.
  • Push-Through Bar is easily slidable towards High, Medium and Low Positions to avoid any disruptions of the session. Push-through Bar is attached with a Safety Strap to avoid any injuries.
  • Horizontal & Vertical Sliders: They allow different variations of exercises and positioning for the spring attachments.
  • Trapeze Springs: 4 yellow and 4 green springs
  • Trapeze Bar: Padded bar cushioned for comfort and ease while doing various Pilates exercises and it comes along with spring sleeves
  • Wooden Roll-Down Bar: 60cm with hooks inside
  • Fuzzies: 1 Pair made from a Cushion-type material that is ideal for comfort
  • Aluminum areas are anodized for toughness and durability, reducing friction, preventing corrosion and eliminating any discoloration
  • Black Upholstery: For Protection from springs
  • Available Color Options: Beige, Light Green, Grey & Black