Reformer SMP Glide

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The Reformer Machine is a traditional piece of Pilates equipment (introduced by Joseph Pilates-the Creator of the Pilates Method) which looks like a bed with springs, a sliding carriage, ropes and pulleys.


  • Super comfortable padding of carriage.
  • Very quiet machine. No sounds from dropping metals on straps.
  • Quick adjustability of ropes.
  • Gearbar design offers additional variations of strengths.
  • Foot Bar is horizontally adjustable over the full length of the machine to accommodate the user’s height and create a whole abundance of exercise variations and facilitate rehabilitation of special population.
  • Easy transportable and stackable vertically.


Product Specs:

  • Frame Length: 226cm
  • Carriage Length: 90cm
  • Carriage Width: 58cm
  • Standing Platform Width: 12cm
  • Foot Bar Vertical Adjust: 5 Positions
  • Foot Bar Width: 88cm
  • Reformer Height: 17cm (different feet heights can be ordered)
  • Removable shoulder rests to accommodate the users
  • Rope System: No metal clips, therefore, quiet and easily adjustable for different exercises
  • Head Rest Adjust: 3 positions
  • Machine is equipped with 2 Rollers for ease of transport
  • Padded Standing Platform
  • Made from Aluminum
  • Available Color Options: Beige, Light Green, Grey & Black
  • Rotatable pulleys for differences in angles of resistance
  • The carriage moves quietly and smoothly due to the suspension system which involves 4 vertical wheels and 4 adjustable sidewheels (8 wheels)
  • 5 Springs Included: 2 red, 2 green & 1 yellow