Yoga Fly by Patricia Duchaussoy

We believe that exercising should be fun!

YogaFly by Patricia Duchaussoy
YogaFly lets you experience feelings of fun, freedom and inspiration in a safe environment while exercising and loosing weight at the same time.

YogaFly is a fresh and fun new way of exercising and practicing yoga.

It combines all the benefits from various fitness methods such as Yoga, Pilates, Dance and Aerial Acrobatics. You exercise on a special, 7 meters long hammock, that is soft and flexible and opens surprising new ways to shape and experience your body. With this unique and fresh approach, even challenging exercises and yoga poses become easier and more fun for people like you and me.

YogaFly has been created in 2010 by Patricia Duchaussoy, renowned Pilates-Guru in Bangkok and the owner of a boutique Studio called The Pilates Station. Patricia has created YogaFly to inspire people to feel and look good and to exercise in a joyful way that brings a smile to the face.

Since its introduction to Thailand in 2011, YogaFly has reached the hearts of many people who love this inspirational new method. Among them are celebrities like members of the Thai royal family who practice YogaFly at The Pilates Station or the actress Gee Paiboonsuvan, who has been trained by Patricia Duchaussoy to be a YogaFly Instructor.