What is stretching Class?

Stretching is an important class  for our body.

The class is  an on floor exercise, Using the fabric (Hammock) to support and help you stretch properly. 

With Stretching, you will reduce all the pains or sore feeling, including the tightness of your muscles from exercising too much or people who do  heavy exercises.

 In the class, we will use the technique of both Dynamic and Static stretching, which gives  both flexibility and musculature.
And at the same time, it gives you a relax feeling. How good is that?

What does Stretching Class cost?

  • If you like to book for Stretching Classes only and you do not want to train on the Reformer Machine, you can pick a package that is referred to as “Silver Package”. Silver Packages enable you to enjoy any of our floor group classes (Matwork, BodyFly,  Barre, Stretching).
  • If you like to book for Pilates Matwork but also for Reformer Classes, you can pick a package that is referred to as “Gold Package”. Gold Packages give you the freedom to enjoy any of the classes we offer at the Studio including Reformer, Matwork, BodyFly, Stretching, Barre.
  • Periodically we offer special prices and promotions that are well worth considering.

Your Instructor

Bianca Christine Tuebner

                       (Kru Bianca)