What are BodyFly classes?

Body Fly, also known as Yoga Fly is a fresh and fun new way of exercising and practicing yoga. And We are the Original Inventor, by Master Patricia Duchaussoy.

Body Fly combines all the benefits from various fitness methods such as Yoga, Pilates, Dance and Aerial Acrobatics. You exercise on a special hammock, that is soft and flexible and opens surprising new ways to shape and experience your body.

With this unique and fresh approach, even challenging exercises and yoga poses become easier and more fun for people like you and me.


What do BodyFly Classes cost?

  • If you like to book for BodyFly Classes only and you do not want to train on the Reformer Machine, you can pick a package that is referred to as “Silver Package”. Sliver Packages enable you to enjoy any of our floor group classes (Matwork, BodyFly, Trampo, Barre, Yoga).
  • If you like to book for Pilates Matwork but also for Reformer Classes, you can pick a package that is referred to as “Gold Package”. Gold Packages give you the freedom to enjoy any of the classes we offer at the Studio including Reformer, Matwork, BodyFly, Trampo, Barre, Yoga.
  • Periodically we offer special prices and promotions that are well worth considering.

Your Instructors

Surang Sengsamran

(Kru Yok)

   Songsak Sirijantaradat

                       (Kru Hi)

Siree Vongruen

(Kru Fai)

Kru Fern