Your health is your true wealth.”

– Gandhi

Surang Sengsamran (Kru Yok)

Pilates Instructor


My top utmost reason was to improve my body condition from rear-end  car accident. I ran into the accident in Los Angeles, late 2010. As a result, I have got “whiplash” which is neck injury due to forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of neck.

I was Logistic Engineering and involving hospitality industry back in 2006. My hobby are travelling, reading, doing acrobatic yoga with my friends. I become a Pilates Instructor as I have received a scholarship from Patricia Duchaussoy in 2013. I like about job as that improve my physical mental and inspire others. I like about the Pilates Station because that is good from people around me and all instructor are professional. I like about Pilates method as it’s actually for everybody and every type of physical conditions, regardless of your physical challenge. Pilates method give benefit as to improve my body awareness in daily basis and you learn how to be harmonize with your body.